Greetings, Lucky Ones!

Spring has sprung – let’s get this party started!  Warmer weather, longer days, loads of birdsong…what’s not to love? We’re gearing up for the Easter rush here at LuckyGuy Bakery, and our adorable Felix D. Bunny is working around the clock.  Fun fact – The Easter Bunny is Felix’s twin brother. (They were identical before the unfortunate run-in with Farmer McGregor.) As you can imagine, there is considerable sibling rivalry between them. While Easter B. gets all the glory, Felix takes comfort in knowing that the treats he brings outshine his brother’s by a LOT.

Felix is especially excited to showcase the Blondie Bar this season. We just added it to our permanent line-up, and have dressed it up in a very springy periwinkle. Not only is it pretty, it is fabulously delicious.  We load it with butter – carefully browned to develop a slightly nutty note – brown sugar, and loads of real vanilla extract. It really is irresistible, and it’s the perfect addition to any spring, or Easter basket.

Speaking of which, it’s time to order your gift boxes for Easter, and we’re offering one dollar shipping. We’ll take that dollar, and donate it to The Sycamore Land Trust, whose mission it is to preserve the beauty, health, and diversity of southern Indiana’s natural landscape through strategic land conservation and environmental education. What better way to celebrate spring?

Use this link to get $1 shipping automatically, OR use code Sycamore at checkout. Get hopping because the deal expires at March 31 at midnight.