Six Pack


The Six Pack!

Brownie comfort – Six of your choice in a smart gift box. We wrap a ribbon around it and tuck your gift note inside. We handwrite it for you for a personal touch.

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Six brownies of your choice, packaged in one Lucky Gift Box. Includes a hand written gift note.


  1. Karen (verified owner)

    We love every one of these brownies and the gift boxes are a perfect way to share that love. I sent The Six Pack to my sister to thank her for being our Dad’s Covid care person. Her favorite was the Iconic and brother-in-law loved the Nutty. Truly the best brownies we’ve ever eaten!

  2. Jessie

    I can never choose a favorite with these brownies!! They are all SO delicious. The six pack is perfect because I don’t have to choose! I can get one of each plus one for good luck;)

  3. Beth Silberstein (verified owner)

    Love, love, love these brownies! They are a scrumptious treat. I order them for myself, my kids in college, and relatives celebrating or going through a tough time. Standout personalized customer service is an added bonus. I do feel lucky.

  4. Carole

    I had sent these to my special list of several out of towners. My favorite is gluten free brownies just like a flourless chocolate cake. The packaging is wonderful, the wooden legged bunny so clever, it is a product that makes me smile. Every time I head to a local store that carries these belly treats, I know it is a lucky place that cares for it’s customers..

  5. Jen (verified owner)

    The six pack lets you double up on your favorites and throw in some variety. The iconic and nutty go in every order, but I always send the Vegan because it is MY favorite and I think everyone has to try it and I’m not even a Vegan! I round out the package with the OatJack or a Mexican when it’s available. There’s something for everyone with this package!

  6. Beth Lodge-Rigal

    I sent these lovely boxes to far-flung family for the holidays. They were such a hit. I can’t personally name a favorite. brownie. They’re all ridiculously good.

  7. Amy

    I sent boxes to my office mates who are all working remotely! They loved it! Great brownies!

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