Four Pack


The Four Pack!

Four of the best brownies on the planet in a smart gift box. We wrap a ribbon around it, and tuck in a handwritten gift note.

Choose your assortment of brownies below. Click on any brownie image for product descriptions and ingredient listings.


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Four brownies of your choice, packaged in one Lucky Gift Box. Includes a hand written gift note.


  1. Erin

    Love the Four Pack!! One for each person in my family… or four for me! The Oatmeal Jackson is my absolute favorite, I’m so happy it’s back!

  2. Deborah Graham (verified owner)

    Tried the nutty, the regular and sent two gluten frees to my granddaughter. She loved them. And i loved the other two-such delicious brownies!

  3. Robert Burris (verified owner)

    We love sending the 4 pack as gifts to say “we are lucky to have friends like you”. The gluten free are great for friends that have gluten issues.
    They are always so fresh and delicious!!! Great job! Great brownies!

  4. Robert Burris (verified owner)

    Could I suggest a Christmas in July sale featuring the mint brownies.
    They are too good to only offer in December!
    We LOVE them!

  5. Kimber Krauser

    Easily some of the best gluten free brownies I’ve tried. Even better in a for pack.

  6. Anne Thys (verified owner)

    The Four Pack has saved me on numerous occasions when I can’t think of a THING to send teenaged boys. Ordering is easy, delivery is fast. The Hat Trick Brownie has gotten rave reviews from every single recipient–none of whom are vegan OR care about gluten-free. Hope that Lucky Guy will expand the vegan options; glad to have at least one that passes every test.

  7. Beth Lodge-Rigal

    This is a perfect “pick me up” gift. For a friend. For yourself. I love the mix and match options. Judicious tasters can share a brownie or make it last if you have shred of self control. These rich, deep, soul-satisfying treats are meant to be savored. I love them all!

  8. Susan Rutz (verified owner)

    LOVE – LOVE – LOVE these! The nutty brownie is my favorite, but my whole family loves them! The four pack certainly doesn’t last long around here.

  9. Won Oriee (verified owner)

    Absolutely on love!! I ordered for the first time as a gift for my uncle, he talked about these brownies for days!!! Just placed two more orders!!

  10. Dee Dee Dochen (verified owner)

    Lucky Guy’s four-pack has been my client gift of choice for a couple of years, and the best part is hearing how delighted the recipients are with the packaging, the personal notes and – by far – the yumminess!! They’re a big win all the way around.

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