Tasty Brownie and Beverage Pairings to Enjoy During the Winter

When you are enjoying a rich dessert such as the chocolatey brownies made at Bloomington bakeries, you might not be sure of what sort of a drink to pair with it. There are many tasty pairings for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages that would make a delightful pairing with a rich brownie. Try one or more of these options the next time you order brownies from the bakery.

Regular or Chocolate Milk

One thing that goes well with chocolate is more chocolate. If you are having an iconic brownie, nutty brownie or vegan brownie, a milk or milk alternative could be a wise choice. For a nutty brownie, consider a pairing with chilled cashew, almond or coconut milk. These drinks come in unsweetened and sweetened varieties and in vanilla and chocolate flavorings. For an iconic brownie, a paring with regular or chocolate milk is a satisfying experience.

Hot Cocoa or Coffee

On a chilly winter’s night, you might want to have something to warm you as you relax with a brownie. Consider a mug of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows, a dash of cinnamon or a splash of flavored syrup. Another good option is a hot cup of coffee. Choose a dark-roasted coffee or flavored coffee such as French vanilla or mocha to have with your nutty or minty brownie.

Adult Beverages

For a dinner party, a dessert wine is a lovely pairing with a platter of different types of brownies. These wines are lightly sweetened with fruit essences such as cherry and raspberry, which contrast well with the richness of the chocolate. Liqueurs could also be a good pairing with a brownie. Consider a mint julep or Irish creme with a minty brownie or an iconic brownie.