Skip the Wedding Cake and Plan a Dessert Bar

Wedding cakes are quite expensive, which is why many couples now pick a dessert bar rather than a cake. You can still have a small cake and serve individual portions from it, but you can also have dozens of other desserts and sweets out on display too. Find out how using the right tips can create the ultimate dessert bar for your reception.

Vary the Heights

The difference between a wedding dessert bar and a restaurant buffet is something as simple as the height of the dishes. When you visit a restaurant, all the dishes are usually the same size and at the same height, which makes it hard for you to see what is available. As you plan out your dessert bar, look for ways to vary the height of each treat. Try using cake platters or placing dishes on boxes to lift some sweets above others. This also adds some interest to the bar and will make guests want to see what’s on it.

Choose Multiple Flavors

No matter how much you love chocolate, you should think about offering more than one flavor. Instead of making each dish use dark, white or milk chocolate, look for other treats to serve. You might have brownies, strawberry shortcake, pudding and petite fours. Gluten-free and sugar-free desserts will appeal to guests who have dietary restrictions and make them feel like part of the celebration.

Give Guests Gifts

Since your guests took time out to celebrate with you and showered you with gifts, you should look for ways to thank them for coming. Food gifts from your dessert table are one way you can thank them. Chocolate brownie gifts that come in individually wrapped gift boxes let them take home a sweet treat that they can snack on long after your reception ends. With gifts, different flavors of desserts and varying the heights of dishes, you can have the ultimate dessert bar.