New Brownies Go Beyond Standard Chocolate Flavors

Serving brownies at a birthday party or a celebration will bring out the kids inside all your adult guests. There is something about that rich fudge taste that many people seem to love. To get your guests even more excited about dessert time, you can try some alternative flavors that go beyond just plain chocolate.


One alternative to the traditional brownie is something called a blondie. This is a type of dessert that has the same texture as a brownie but uses more brown sugar, which gives it a pale blonde color. The sweet treat is even more amazing when it comes loaded with butterscotch chips and walnuts inside. If you host a sit-down party, you can make these desserts even more upscale with the addition of a butterscotch or vanilla sauce that you serve warm. Dollop each treat with a small scoop of ice cream before drizzling the sauce over the top.

White Chocolate

When you buy brownies online, you’ll find a number of alternatives to regular chocolate that add flavors like mint to the recipe. You’ll also find brownies made from white chocolate rather than milk or semi-sweet chocolate. White chocolate is much sweeter than regular chocolate and gives the brownies a lighter appearance. Many bakeries add other ingredients to the mix that work with that white chocolate like cranberries and nuts. The sweet and sour mix of white chocolate and cranberries works particularly well.


Don’t forget about your guests who have dietary restrictions when planning a party. While it’s hard to find desserts that will work with all diet plans, vegan brownies will appeal to most of those guests. These brownies do not contain any butter, eggs or any other animal byproducts but taste just as rich and delicious as any other brownie would. Party guests of all ages will love the desserts that you serve but will especially love alternatives to the traditional chocolate brownie.