We’re lucky to have you!

LuckyGuy Bakery creates insanely tasty treats by hand in the great and groovy Hoosier state.


A triumph of a treat.

What really sets a LuckyGuy treat apart? It’s how crazy-good it is, how it inspires love at first bite, and how it makes you want to tell all your friends about it right away.

Good Goodness.

No additives or preservatives. Ever.

All LuckyGuy Bakery treats are made by hand using fresh ingredients you would find in your very own kitchen. You’ll taste only delicious goodness in our brownies and bars.

Where to Buy.

Come & Get It!

Bloomington locals, right now you can find LuckyGuy products at all three Bloomingfoods locations, Hopscotch Coffee, and the Uel Zing Coffee Lab. In Indianapolis, LuckyGuy Treats are sold at Wildwood Market. Online store is coming soon!



Delicious bars from which to choose! Lucky You!

The Iconic Brownie

Brimful of dark chocolate slabs

The Nutty Brownie

In which walnuts abound

The Gluten Free Brownie

Highfalutin with no gluten


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Can’t Wait?

Neither can we! If you must get your lucky mitts on some LuckyGuy treats before our online store is up and running, give us a holler and we’ll hook you up.


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