“The brownies from LuckyGuy have achieved the bliss point”

“The LuckyGuy Bakery brownie is at the top of our list for holiday gift giving”

A great review from EatGiftLove!

From EatGiftLove:

The brownies from Lucky Guy Bakery have achieved the bliss point—that taste sensation where each bite balances just the right amount of sweetness and richness that sends eaters over the moon. Put another way, the bliss point is the doorway to addiction. Now when you gift or bite into your own Lucky Guy Brownie, we’ll sleep well at night knowing that we did our best to warn you.

Made from the same ingredients you’d use in your own kitchen—chocolate, butter, sugar and a hint of coffee—the brownies are flecked with mini slabs of chocolate that are a delight to bite into and add another layer of chocolate flavor. The consensus from our tasters: “This is a serious brownie.”

The brownies come in three incarnations: The Iconic Brownie is a rich but not-too-sweet brownie that people will go silent over as they take a bite, savor, then go in for another heavenly taste. The Walnut Brownie is generously studded with walnut halves. The Gluten-Free Brownie is as densely delicious as the original. We did a side-by-side taste test and no one could confidently guess the original from the Gluten Free. Why is that noteworthy? Because gluten free versions of baked goods tend to be dryer. Not in this case.

Ah, but there’s more. In the coming months Lucky Guy will unveil a chocolate mint and a vegan version.

The brownies, approximately 3 ounces each and nearly three inches square, are individually wrapped and arrive in a simple, elegant box with a whimsical card enclosed that celebrates the luck of the recipient.

The Lucky Guy Bakery brownie is at the top of our list for holiday gift giving (and by that we mean every holiday celebrated from December through the Fourth of July), sending as a care package to those away from home, and the ideal hostess thank you gift (send these and you’ll be invited back).

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