Behind the Brownies: Staff Spotlight

If you’ve ever received a gift from LuckyGuy Bakery, you know these things to be true:

  1.       Somebody loves you.
  2.       LuckyGuy treats really are as scrumptious as advertised.
  3.       The joy of opening a package from LuckyGuy is almost as sweet as what’s inside.

So, while our plan all along was to create the world’s most delicious brownie, we also envisioned a whimsical, delightful gift-giving and gift-receiving experience. But how on earth do we do it? Glad you asked.

Meet Kathryn Dunigan

Kathryn Dunigan

Kathryn is LuckyGuy’s hard-working and talented packaging production manager. She makes sure your brownies and cookie bars are packaged perfectly and shipped to the right place on time. At LuckyGuy, we strive to make every customer experience superlative, which is why Kathryn is the perfect person for the job! Her attention to detail is one of our magic ingredients.

In addition to her role with LuckyGuy, Kathryn is a student at the IU Kelley School of Business, where she studies marketing and professional sales. According to Kathryn, one of the best parts about working at LuckyGuy Bakery is learning how to be a business owner and entrepreneur from LuckyGuy’s founder, Joni McGary.

“I have seen the hard work and dedication she puts into each and every brownie and cookie bar,” said Kathryn. “She handles all tasks with enthusiasm and excitement for her company and customers.”

Kathryn also notes that although the LuckyGuy team is small, they are mighty and go the extra mile to deliver a one-of-a-kind customer experience. 

“From our mascot, Felix, to the naming behind the products, to the label name on the back of each baked good—everything has a special, well-thought-out meaning,” said Kathryn.

For Kathryn, it’s all in the details. Her favorite product is the Oatmeal Jackson cookie bar, but her favorite LuckyGuy fun fact is about the vegan Hat Trick Brownie. Can you guess what it is?

“There isn’t a peg leg on the Hat Trick Felix,” said Kathryn. “Pay attention to the details!” 

Extra credit for our customers who noticed that one. And thank you, Kathryn! We sure are lucky to have you as part of the team! 

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