We think life should be delicious and fun.

LuckyGuy Bakery was founded in May, 2015 with the goal of making crazy-good brownies, and having fun while doing it. Luckily, we’ve crushed it on both fronts!

Our brownies quickly developed a very passionate following in Bloomington and surrounding areas, and it’s been a blast to make and market them. We’re thrilled to open our online store, so that people outside of the great midwest can enjoy our treats.

Meet Felix, Our SpokesBunny

We evaluated several candidates for this important company position, but once we laid eyes on Felix, we knew our search had ended. His adorable good looks, plucky optimism, sly sense of humor, and generosity—he was a foot donor!—won us over immediately. Even his name is perfect; Felix means lucky in Latin. When Felix isn’t working hard to promote our brownies, you can find him relaxing at home with his beautiful wife, Peg.